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Affordable Housing

The solution to affordable housing requires two things: more housing and better housing. In order to do that, Dan believes we need to incentivize public-private partnerships – we allow the private companies to do what they do better than the government (i.e., building) but require them to give back much more to the community in the way of affordable housing, community and public space, and services such as early childhood development, medical facilities, and mass transit. We also must ensure rigorous environmental controls are followed to ensure that affordable housing is not just relegated to areas with environmental concerns. 


Public housing occupies a large part of the housing stock in the 10th congressional district. The treatment of these neighbors by city, state, and the federal government has been a disgrace. 

In addition to fully funding NYCHA, we must also take advantage of partnerships with the private sector through programs such as the NYCHA Preservation Trust and the Rental Assistance Demonstration program. Federal dollars can support private firms to update and manage other properties while NYCHA maintains ownership.


At the federal level, the failure of Congress to pass the Build Back Better Act means that NYCHA lost out on $65 billion dollars that was earmarked to fix the infrastructure issues within all of the City’s complexes, including 15 within the 10th Congressional district. Every resident in NYCHA deserves a safe, clean, and functioning place to live, and Dan will not stop fighting for NYCHA to get the funding it needs to repair and rehabilitate its complexes around the 10th District. 

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