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Climate Change/Green New Deal

Climate change is an urgent, existential threat that must be addressed immediately and comprehensively. There is no time for half-measures; we must transition to renewable energy as quickly as possible. Dan supports the principles and goals of a Green New Deal to transition to clean energy, which will also create millions of good-paying union jobs. However, the government cannot do this alone. Dan will work to incentivize private companies to invest in renewable energy and encourage community and public power production. We must promote public-private partnerships to address climate change at the necessary pace to save our planet. 


The 10th District was devastated by Hurricane Sandy, and the impacts are still felt by the community, especially in the NYCHA residential areas. While Dan supports the main pieces of the East Side Coastal Resiliency Plan  with the federal government, we need to ensure that this plan is comprehensive and transparent in order to minimize destabilization in the neighboring communities while also ensuring that the devastation of Sandy never happens again. Dan will work with both local and federal officials to ensure that this plan not only pays attention to the needs of the community but also ensures that our environmental resiliency needs are met to protect all of the residents of lower Manhattan.

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