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COVID-19 Response

Dan supports the Biden Administration’s plan to increase COVID-19 vaccinations and booster shots for all Americans. While the Administration has been successful over the past two years in getting people vaccinated, we need to ensure that we keep our frontline workers protected as well. We also must continue to invest in research on the next iteration of the vaccine and booster shots to ensure we stay ahead of another potential COVID-19 outbreak.


Upon election to congress, Dan plans to work with the administration to continue to vaccinate our most vulnerable communities in the district, especially our immunocompromised, elderly, and children. We must continue to open centers for vaccinations and boosters, and also have a plan to continue to protect our frontline workers such as nurses and warehouse workers in the 10th Congressional district.


We must also do more to better coordinate public health at the federal level. The pandemic taught us that our local, state, and federal health systems are not built well for communication and information sharing. We need to improve data collection and monitoring so we can better track trends in a coordinated manner.


As we’ve seen from the response to the monkeypox outbreak, there is still a lot of work to do to strengthen the coordination of our public health system. We need to prepare now for the next major public health crisis. 

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