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Gun Violence/Gun Reform

Dan supports common-sense gun control legislation, including a ban on assault weapons; universal background checks and waiting periods to purchase guns; stronger red flag laws; and the prohibition of ghost guns and high-capacity ammunition. Dan also believes we should raise the minimum age to purchase any firearm to 21. 


The Bipartisan Safer Communities Act that was recently signed into law was a step in the right direction, but Congress must do much more. Dan supports repealing the 2005 Protection of Commerce in Lawful Arms Act that provides federal immunity for gun manufacturers and dealers. As part of that effort, we must also focus on the outsized influence of the NRA and gun manufacturers on Republican members of Congress. Congress must investigate gun manufacturers and dealers to determine to what extent gun manufacturers are aware of the impact of their marketing, advertising, and money on the scourge of mass shootings around the country.


We know that an overwhelming majority of voters – including Republicans and gun owners – believe in universal background checks and other common sense legislation opposed by the gun lobby, yet the Republican Party shows more loyalty to the gun lobby than its own constituents. We must understand what drives this nexus in order to properly legislate on this issue.

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