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We are a country of immigrants. Dan’s grandmother escaped antisemitism in Russia to come to the United States through Ellis Island. Diversity and opportunity are what make this city and country great. We simply cannot allow Donald Trump – and his draconian, racist, ineffective immigration policy – to have yet another term as President. 


Instead, the United States should welcome immigrants and make it easier for immigrants to come to this country and pursue the American Dream. By expanding our lawful immigration process, and streamlining our immigration system, we can combat the need for people to seek illegal and dangerous means of crossing into the United States. Congress must also explore ways to expand access to seasonal work visas for certain industries. 


In Congress, one of Dan’s first orders of business will be to introduce legislation to double the number of immigration judges in our system and streamline the asylum process so that we don’t have a backlog of asylum-seekers in inhumane conditions. Second, Dan would press for undocumented people, including Dreamers, to have a pathway to citizenship. Finally, Dan would help ensure that our immigrant neighbors are treated with dignity and respect by increasing penalty enhancements for hate crimes.

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