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As an American Jew with longstanding ties to Israel, Dan’s support for Israel comes naturally, not through political expediency. Dan will proudly stand with Israel to ensure its continued security and prosperity. Dan believes a two-state solution is the only long-term means to ensure that Israel remains both a democracy and a Jewish state, while ensuring an economically-viable Palestinian state. Both Israel and the Palestinians must demonstrate their good faith belief in a two-state solution in order for progress to be made. But, Palestinians must show their commitment to achieving peace and statehood non-violently; in turn, Israel must provide more economic opportunity and self-reliance to Palestinian communities in the West Bank. So long as the terrorist organization Hamas remains in control of Gaza, a durable peace cannot be achieved. The Palestinian Authority must regain control of Gaza so a new peace process may commence. 


Dan does not believe Israel’s occupation of territory in the West Bank has advanced the peace process. If a two-state solution can ever be viable, Israel should not expand settlements or annex territory in the West Bank. Just as Israel has a right to exist, Palestinians have a right to have their basic human rights respected and protected. 


Antisemitism has been on the rise over the last decade. The rise of antisemitism has coincided with the rise of the “BDS Movement.” Dan categorically opposes this movement, which he believes is a thinly-veiled demonstration of antisemitism. It is a threat to America’s and Israel’s aspirations for peace and security in the region.

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