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National Security & International Affairs

The twin goals of strengthening democracy and mitigating the risks of climate change must be at the forefront of American policy today. Dan’s experience as Director of Investigations and Senior Advisor for the House Intelligence Committee taught him the importance of promoting democracy around the world, which ensures human rights, stability, and prosperity. The United States can and should be a leader in promoting democracy and human rights around the world. It is not only the morally right thing to do, it is in our national security interest to do so. 


In order to be a beacon of human rights and democracy for the world, we need to invest more in diplomacy and development. Despite finally ending the endless wars, our defense budget has skyrocketed to more than $800 billion a year. We spend more money on “defense” than the next nine countries combined. Congress must rein in the defense budget so we can fund other critical international and domestic programs. Dan also supports better accountability and transparency over the Defense Department’s budget. 


Over the coming decades, the most severe risks to peace and security across the globe will be driven by the symptoms of climate change – drought, famine, resource shortages, refugee crises and other migration, and natural disasters. Addressing climate change at home and abroad must be central to America’s engagement with the world.

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