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Contact: Simone Kanter

Communications Director




New York, NY - Dan Goldman, Democratic nominee for Congress in NY-10, today announced the formation of Democracy Action Now PAC, a new federal leadership political action committee dedicated to defending the House Majority and stopping extremist Trump Republicans from gaining power.

Democracy Action Now PAC will provide direct financial support to Democratic candidates for Congress, primarily to those running to flip seats in New York, in order to hold the House, stop Trump Republicans from gaining power, and defend our Democratic institutions and the rule of law.

“The events of January 6 showed clearly that when the chips were down, Democratic leadership heroically acted to ensure that our democracy prevailed, even as the insurrectionists were hunting them down. On that day, they showed the country what true leadership and patriotism looks like. That’s why our democracy demands that we do everything in our power to protect our Democratic majority in the House, and support the many outstanding Democratic candidates running to protect and serve the people of their districts,” Dan Goldman said. “Our fundamental rights, the rule of law, and our very democratic foundations are on the line in November. The stakes have never been higher.”

Thursday's January 6th Committee hearing made abundantly clear that the greatest threat to our democracy and our fundamental rights are Donald Trump and his MAGA Republican party.

Last week, the Committee aired never-before-seen footage of the afternoon of the insurrection that shows House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Democratic House and Senate leadership taking the reins of leadership during the unprecedented crisis. House Democrats were the leaders we needed when the former President abdicated his responsibility to the constitution and the American people. House Democrats saved our democracy.

Dan Goldman served as lead counsel in the first impeachment of Donald Trump and ran for Congress to address the five-alarm-fire facing our country: the unprecedented threats to our democracy and fundamental rights posed by Trump and the Republican Party he firmly controls.

Our House majority is one of the only things keeping Republican extremism at bay. House Republicans have already foreshadowed their abuse of power if they gain control of the House, including the impeachment of President Biden and investigations of Hunter Biden, the Russia investigation, and other conspiracy theories. It’s all on the line as election day approaches and Goldman believes we must do everything in our power to keep the majority.

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