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Protecting Reproductive Rights

Abortion rights are human rights. Abortion is a healthcare decision that should be made between an individual and their doctor, not the government. 


The radical Supreme Court has made the disastrous decision to overturn the longstanding precedent set by Roe v. Wade. The Dobbs decision marks the first time in history that the Supreme Court has taken away a fundamental constitutional right.


States across the country are already banning abortions from inception. Abortion bans at the state level will disproportionately affect low-income and minority women, especially Black women. Maternal mortality for Black women is already three times higher than for white women. According to a study by the University of Colorado, a nationwide abortion ban would increase maternal mortality for Black women by as much as 33%.  


Some women may be able to travel to another state that has not restricted reproductive rights, but many cannot afford to. For those that do travel across state lines to access reproductive healthcare, we must make sure they and their healthcare providers are protected from prosecution. 


With Roe overturned, Congress must pass the Women’s Health Protection Act to codify abortion rights into federal law and immediately repeal the Hyde Amendment. Additionally, the Federal Drug Administration and Health and Human Services should ensure the protection of and access to abortion including through prescription medication at the federal level which would supersede state-level restrictions or bans. 


We also need to get creative about finding ways to provide reproductive healthcare on federal lands including by making Veterans Administration hospitals safe havens for women seeking medical care of all kinds. Congress should also provide additional funding to non-profit groups that provide support to women around the country who seek abortions.


Finally, we must ensure that women who suffer miscarriages are able to get proper medical care. Congress must also protect access to IVF for families who need medical assistance to get pregnant.

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