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Protecting Social Security & Medicare

It's getting more difficult to save for retirement. So while Republicans in Congress are trying to cut and privatize Social Security and Medicare, Dan is running for Congress to uphold this country’s promise to its seniors: if you work hard, you deserve to retire with dignity. That’s why Dan will work hard to defend Social Security and ensure that benefits keep up with the rising cost of living. Dan supports an immediate expansion of monthly Social Security benefits.  


Medicare is the other part of America's promise to its citizens, and Dan supports expanding Medicare by lowering eligibility to age 60 and allowing people 55 and older to buy in. Dan also supports allowing Medicare to negotiate prescription drug prices to reduce the cost of prescription drugs, which disproportionately affect seniors. 


The Republicans are clear that they want to “sunset” Social Security and Medicare, but that will inevitably lead to darkness. Dan will fight to protect Social Security and Medicare so that a promise made is a promise kept.

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