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Ukraine and the threat from Russia

As the lead counsel for the impeachment investigation of former President Trump, Dan helped expose Trump’s abuse of power as he withheld critical aid to Ukraine for his personal benefit. Although military aid was a somewhat abstract concept to many Americans, we have seen in recent months through Russia’s invasion of Ukraine why that type of military and security assistance is so important to promote democracy and stability around the world.


Russia’s war of aggression in Ukraine is not just a threat to Ukraine’s sovereignty and Ukrainian lives, but it is a threat to international order and democracy globally. Russia is committing war crimes, crimes against humanity, and possibly genocide in Ukraine. The United States has a duty to support Ukraine in its fight against Russia by providing military and humanitarian aid as well as support for Ukrainians who are displaced by this war. The U.S. should also continue to share intelligence and support national and international justice institutions in their investigations to hold Russian officials accountable. Congress should continue to authorize aid to Ukraine and provide support and oversight of targeted sanctions – we simply cannot afford to allow an authoritarian regime like Russia to invade a democracy like Ukraine and destabilize the post-World War II world order.

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